BETOcare UK is a specialist concrete cosmetic business that provides the visual enhancement and repair of high quality exposed concrete surfaces.

Our aim is to ensure that the architecturally intended visual quality and aesthetics of the finished concrete is fully achieved.

what we do

This is not traditional concrete ‘making good’ but high quality cosmetic work undertaken by specially trained operatives. The end result… concrete cosmetic repairs that look and feel like the original ‘as struck concrete’ – the repairs are almost undetectable to the eye.

All our patented cosmetic repair products consist of pure lime and do not use additives of synthetic resins and preservatives. They are very environmentally friendly in their manufacture and disposal and therefore differ from traditional making good materials and colour systems.

All our operatives undergo a comprehensive training programme with secondments in Germany with the original BETOcare team so that their skills are unmatched in the market place. Our aim is to ensure that the architecturally intended visual quality and aesthetics of the finished concrete is always fully achieved.

BETOcare UK Limited is a sister company of the highly successful BETOcare UG business based in Germany that has been undertaking concrete cosmetic works for over twenty years around the world. The German business was founded by Rochus Michnia, Dipl.-Restaurator (FH), who specialises in stone and concrete restoration. He has developed and patented several products utilising his dispersed white lime hydrates that make the BETOcare approach to concrete cosmetics so unique.


the cosmetic process


The BETOcare visual enhancement process is a completely unique form of concrete cosmetic repair that allows for partial integration of lime fillers and colourisers to specific areas of an existing concrete surface.

As this is a localised process, the original architectural intent of the exposed concrete surface is always maintained.

The process successfully allows all concrete surface imperfections to be treated so that they disappear. This produces high-quality exposed concrete surfaces that reach a very high level of acceptance among architects, contractors and clients.

Due to the partial working method, material aesthetics and the architectural intention of the exposed concrete surfaces are preserved. Only the poorly finished surfaces (voids, blowholes, damages, discoloration etc.) disappear. We do not treat the whole surface, only the areas of damage or imperfection so that the natural finish of the concrete surface is maintained.



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