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Working with BETOcare UK ensures that you achieve the high-quality visual finish originally intended for your aesthetic concrete project, as well as bringing a range of other benefits:



  • BETOcare UK works with construction firms, building owners and architects to help deliver the highest possible quality concrete work in order to meet clients’ and architects’ specifications and expectations

  • BETOcare’s unique patented system and suite of products (developed in Germany by chemical engineer and specialist stone and concrete restorer Rochus Michnia) maintains the full architectural and structural integrity of the original concrete

  • BETOcare UK employs market-leading innovation to deliver an ultra-high quality aesthetic finish on your exposed concrete surfaces

  • BETOcare UK has helped to deliver some of the highest profile exposed concrete architecture in the world, including the Tate St Ives art gallery, the 2012 London Olympic Aquatics Centre, and Eleftheria Square, Cyprus



  • Working with BETOcare UK helps contractors and architects achieve practical completion, therefore saving them from having financial penalties imposed due to incomplete or unsatisfactory concrete finishes 

  • BETOcare UK saves companies from the (unnecessary) cost implications involved in demolishing and re-casting concrete surfaces which are entirely sound, other than cosmetic damage

  • BETOcare UK helps architects and contractors to avoid the economic and reputational costs associated with unhappy / dissatisfied clients



  • BETOcare UK saves otherwise perfectly sound concrete structures from needing to be demolished and re-cast, and all the associated environmental implications

  • BETOcare UK provides a solution to the increasing challenge of achieving a high-quality visual finish on concrete surfaces that are formed from new, unfamiliar environmentally-friendly concrete materials

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