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BETOcare UK were approached by the Gagosian Gallery in London to help assess the viability of a sculpture exhibition they wished to host of artist Michael Craig-Martin's work.   

A principal figure of British conceptual art, Michael Craig-Martin probes the relationship between objects and images, harnessing the human capacity to imagine absent forms through symbols and pictures.

The show at the Gagosian was to be the first time sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin had been shown indoors. The difficulty being that his sculptures are powder coated steel installations of everyday objects that stand over three metres high - you can walk around and through them. This is simple to achieve outdoors as the sculpture bases can be buried in the ground. However, to achieve this indoors required the exposed concrete gallery floor to be broken out, a support frame installed and the exposed concrete floors to be  repaired like it had never happened. This is where the unique skills of BETOcare UK's technicians were called into play. BETOcare UK delivered the seamless design by developing a unique repair protocol that made the base installation disappear in the exposed concrete floors so that it was impossible to tell how the sculptures had been installed.

Once the show as over and the sculptures removed, BETOcare UK repaired the floor again so that it looked like the exhibition had never taken place.

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