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Specialists in the Cosmetic Repair of Architectural Concrete and Fair Faced Concrete 

BETOcare UK specialises in delivering high-quality finishes to architectural concrete and fair faced concrete surfaces post-construction.

BETOcare UK’s specialist approach is employed by leading global architects and construction firms to achieve the highest-possible finish on exposed concrete.

This is not traditional concrete ‘making good’ but high quality cosmetic work undertaken by specially trained technicians. The end result… cosmetic concrete repairs that are undetectable as they look and feel like the original ‘as struck' concrete.

Examples of BETOcare’s work are present in some of the world’s finest examples of architectural concrete structures, including The Tate Gallery, St Ives, the London Olympic Aquatics Centre and Eleftheria Square, Cyprus.

Using its unique system to enhance and repair, BETOcare enables the original architectural intent and aesthetic of high-end exposed concrete to be fully achieved.

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After extensive on site sampling, BETOcare UK were commissioned by Zaha Hadid to repair thirteen high quality architectural white concrete columns in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Main 4.jpg

The beautiful exposed concrete gallery is a single, column-free space, equal in size to all five galleries of the original building. BETOcare UK were asked to undertake general repairs to various architectural concrete elements. 

Interior 1.jpg

David Chipperfield Architects 'Faylands House' won the title of Best House in the World 2015. BETOcare UK helped maintain the architectural intent of the exposed concrete soffits when there was a material failure in the formwork.

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